Jul. 5th, 2010 04:00 pm
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So you may have noticed there was no weekly project post. That is because I am on vacation and forgot to ask one of the other mods if they would be so good as to do the post for me (I made a note to myself to do it and thus thought I had in fact done it and then when I saw it was not up I was like WOT. LAZY GUSSES! but then went oh wait).

I don't have time to make the post now unfortunately because we are leaving the house in just a few minutes. Thus if you have Project Post needs, congregate in last week's post to fulfill them, please and thank you!
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Want to join [community profile] simwidth but don't have a DW? Comment here with some way to easily reach you, be it your email address (preferred) or a link to your profile on a forum or other blogging site where you have private messaging enabled so that someone can send you a code. Once you've received your code, please comment in your thread to confirm that you have so we can delete your thread.

Once you have joined, be sure to read our intro post!

Code sharers! Comment to someone before you send them a code to say you're going to do so so other people know that they're covered. Don't just post a bunch of codes you have on hand in a comment, please. It wastes a lot of time for all involved to comb through them for active ones. If you have a lot of codes but do not want to personally dole them out, contact one of the admins of the community to handle your codes for you.


Jun. 7th, 2010 09:44 pm
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Hey there and welcome to [community profile] simwidth, a Dreamwidth-centric Sims creations community. This community functions as a place to give sims creators on DW, whether they primarily play The Sims, TS2 or TS3, somewhere to share their creations and easily find other creators and content. We also host weekly project posts to help pair up collaborators, share inspiration or resources or just gab about works in progress or what we want to see more of in the community.

Content posted should be hosted on Dreamwidth. While it's totally cool if you cross-post your stuff to other sites/forums, linking to off-site content defeats the purpose of this being a community for creations that are hosted on Dreamwidth.

Also, don't be a jerk. Cases of serious harassment or nastiness between members can result in a ban from the community at the discretion of the mods, so keep a civil tongue in your head and play nicely with others.

Posting Format
Post a preview picture that is 600x450 pixels or smaller along with a link to your creation and brief description. That's all!

Tag System
For the first little while, mods will be tagging entries but please take the initiative to do so yourself once the format is in place!

If you need to contact an admin for any reason, PM one of the following people:

[personal profile] pooklet, [personal profile] aquilegia, [personal profile] curiousb, [personal profile] petitchat, [personal profile] sixtylilies, [personal profile] sunhair and [personal profile] vicious_fishes.

Saturday Project Posts
Every Saturday we will be hosting Project Posts, where mods will post an entry with themed threads for members to discuss in. Members will be able to share resources and inspiration, discuss what they want to see more of in the sims community, search for project collaborators, get a bit of advice on their latest creation or just gab about their week.

Need A Code?
Want to join [community profile] simwidth but don't have a DW account? Comment on the code-sharing post with your email address or some other way to contact you and if someone has a code to spare, they'll send it your way.

That's everything! So get to posting and have fun! Got a question? Think there's something we didn't cover? Comment here and an admin will get back to you.


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