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All old Ginormous Jug sets updated, but that doesn't mean there won't be any new sets. Next upload, however, will be something completely different.


Revisiting the Dark Parables Series

Jul. 19th, 2017 11:00 pm
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I've written before about the Dark Parables series of hidden object games. They're great games and I revisit them pretty regularly, especially since I started them out by buying the standard editions and was quickly converted to the more expensive collector's editions, which contain an impressive amount of additional content. I still haven't completed my collection, which means I haven't played all of the bonus games. Since my PC crashed and burned in March and I'm operating on a new laptop, I decided it was time to get back to the games again. New installments of Dark Parables come out reliably once or twice a year, and there had been two new games released since I'd last checked.

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For those that have been following me for a long time, you guys know that I own the Sims 2 game and I talk about it once in a while around LJ (less DW as it's newer but still!) but I barely post about game play or pictures and such.

To be honest, in all the years I've owned the game, I spent most of my time downloading custom content, organizing the downloads folder, building and decorating and creating sims than actually playing at all. Oh, and I have redone my downloads folder about a billionth time, too. And I am in the process of doing just that again *laughs shyly*

Back in the day, let's say maybe 4 years ago, I decorated two neighborhoods completely and was extremely proud of them. I also recreated a neighborhood from another player... attempted too anyway, considering I was basing it on her on pictures and many things were not pictured or blurred or half hidden and I believe I did a good job anyway. Most of the pictures are broken now but I managed to save as many as I could to my computer (yeah, I know, I shouldn't but... I am not gonna get arrested for that, right. Also, I don't think she's online and playing anymore anyway!).

Sadly, I had an issue with the game somehow that made me lose all of them a while back (that required reinstalling one expansion. I actually lost all the neighborhoods and sims I had created actually and so, I would have to start from scratch again. I'm not sure I want to anymore... maybe... I mean, I spent so much time on them and to lose them the way I did... *sigh*

And so, I got these neighborhoods and houses I was extremely proud of and... all gone...

See the neighborhoods (2 of the 3) I am talking about and some extras )

I cannot wait to be done with re-arranging the downloads folder. Hopefully, it's gonna be the last time I do it. Adding to it, sure, that will happen, but re-doing it... hoping I never have to anymore.

(no subject)

Jul. 19th, 2017 03:52 pm
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Finally starting to catch up on my reviews.
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The other day, I started watching 13 Reasons Why and hadn't it been from work and every day life, I would have been done with it since I am basically marathoning it. I am halfway through it... Jessica's party.

I don't know how many of you did watch or are planning on watching it but so far, I like it. I do have an idea on certain things that are gonna happen and, to tell the truth, I was surfing for something else and got spoiled a little bit on something, which makes me a little bit mad but... you know... nobody did spoil me; it's all me *laughs*

Anyway, like I said, I like it so far. Intriguing.

There's Sergals In This Post

Jul. 18th, 2017 02:28 am
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So I guess related to my last post about Ownership,

Back to the subject of death of the author, I hate that this phrase is regarded as a universally positive thing.

I mention the word rapist but there's no actual assault, also I mention genitalia attributes?? more rambling )


Jul. 17th, 2017 08:50 am
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Friends and acquaintances have come and gone in my life. Some amicably, some... Not so much. But one thing I want to be clear about: My pain is not your pain.

If I have had a falling out with a person, I generally don't want other people involved if they weren't already involved before hand. I don't like losing friends, I get no pleasure in cutting off people I cared about so I don't like it when I'm not allowed to grieve. Talking about how 'bad' an ex-friend was, doing nothing but pointing out the negative, that doesn't help me. No, really, please don't find me and tell me what tiny, minuscule infraction bad ex-friend is doing now unless it's relevant. Maybe a little comeuppance where appropriate, or settling of concerns or fears, but really, they're not a part of my life, I don't need to know what they're doing with their lives unless it's to help me avoid them. If I have someone filtered out, there's a reason for it. Good things happened with those people, let me have that at least. Not everyone copes in the same way and that's fine.

Related to that, I do not care who are friends with my ex-friends. Those people might have hurt me but that doesn't mean it's the same for everyone. Other people are allowed to have different experiences with ex-friends than I had. Long as you don't try to force me to interact with them, I don't care. At most, there are some people I worry about being mislead or mistreated by a person, but if there has been change I'm not going to let personal experiences get in the way of that. (for the record, I don't negatively judge people who can't be friends with people who are interacting with an ex friend especially in an abusive situation) At the most I'll worry about people getting abused themselves by people that have hurt me, or I may not trust them as much, but can't really force them to 'choose'.

Interpersonal stuff is complicated.


Jul. 16th, 2017 02:28 pm
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So, I've decided to move my access point from Livejournal to Dreamwidth. This is the first entry that I'm writing at Dreamwidth, and it should hopefully crosspost to Livejournal. I've been losing faith in Livejournal for quite awhile now, and since Photobucket has gone off the rails, there's no reason to think that Livejournal won't be next.

I'm going to hide the old, broken entries. I don't even like seeing them on my personal page, and I don't want them to be visible. On Dreamwidth, I found that I had posted the start of a Sims 3 legacy too. I remembered doing it, but I couldn't find it, and now I know why - it was posted as a private entry on Dreamwidth. Not sure what I was thinking, but hey. I left it private since the images on it are broken too.

I'm feeling pretty discouraged about the Roccas right now, and I'm contemplating starting a new legacy... I know I shouldn't, but I'm just so frustrated with the thought of having to fix all of those pictures. I'm still working on downloading the pictures, which is taking awhile because Photobucket is trash and doesn't work properly.

So here we are. I'm not giving up on the Roccas, just maybe going to take a little bit of a break from them for now.
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I have had prior novel events written for the Camarian Royal family for years as Camara has been far easier for me to flesh out. Well now it's time to suck it up and do the Royalian Royal family. So I started this, however, this post only goes to 3968 so it is part 1 of 3. 3992 is the opening year of my novels and where this well eventually end. This ends up being way more detailed then Nath's family...

This is Drefan’s family history.


Emperor Taj Royale was Drefan’s Great Grandfather.

Empress Consort Galina Royale was Drefan’s Great Grandmother.



Prince of Second Rank Talkran Royale is Drefan’s Great Uncle.

Prince of the Second Rank Ademar Royale was Drefan’s Great Uncle.


Emperor Stanislas Royale was Drefan’s Grandfather

Empress Consort Maral Royale was Drefan’s Grandmother.



Emperor Robert Royale is Drefan & Thom’s Father.

Princess of the First Rank Cermaka Royale was Drefan and Thom’s Aunt.


3189-3357 The Age of Spirits:

3315 – Talkran Royale is born to Emperor Taj as a Prince of the Second Rank, the child of an Imperial Concubine, with little chance at the throne.

3319 – Ademar Royale is born to Emperor Taj as a Prince of the Second Rank, the child of an Imperial Concubine, with little chance at the throne. 

3324 – Stanislas Royale is born to Emperor Taj and Empress Consort Galina as Heir Son to the Royale throne, garnering an instant dislike by his two elder, but un-inheritable, brothers.

3332 – It has been 8 years of Talkran and Ademar mistreating their brother, from denying him food to purposefully leaving him in the cold. His royal parents have yet to notice this behavior, too busy ruling.

3334 – A ten year old Stanislas, realizing that he must largely fend for himself against his brothers begins to have some of the servants teach him a much less honorable form of hand to hand combat then the swords play he is learning from the Palace’s Black Guards.

3336 – After another four years of abuse that has escalated to various attempts at murder of the Heir Son Stanislas, Talkran allows Ademar, Prince of the Second Rank, and his younger sibling to take the fall for their joint deeds. Talkran watches from the royal booth as his brother is executed for treason.

3340 Talkran attempts to discredit his brother Stanislas who appears to have not inherited the Imperial line of necromantic arts. This does concern the provinces, whose people worried that the Heir was not as bound to the Divine of Darkness, Honor and Undead as Talkran is. Defamed by this Stanislas must prove himself to the people and peerage.

3341 – The grave of Prince Ademar, which was instated in the royal cemetery, is found to have been robbed, and a rash of city graves have been dug up.

3342 – Stanislas has taken it upon himself to finish his training with the Imperial Black Guards and has successfully passed the Exams of Merit that both officials and ministers must excel at to become peerage. He is the first Emperor to have done so.

Summer of 3343 – The first flesh sewn body is seen following Prince Talkran in the bowels of the Imperial Palace. Rumors begin to circulate through the palace that one of the dead look like the middle prince, and Talkran becomes known as a 'Fleshweaver.'

Winter of 3343 Emperor Taj wishing to retire at 53, seats his heir in the Black Throne where Stanislas immediately forms the ‘Devotion’ with the Royalian people,  and this act ceases talk that the Heir is not bound with Lord Nanqa.  Forming the Devotion is a requirement to rule the Imperial Royalian Empire and to form this mental connection with every Royalian with an embedded crystal, the heir must be of the Fallen Arch-Angel Taedras’s blood. Without this bond, consolidating power of the Empire is near impossible.

3344 – Emperor Stanislas marries a Barazon woman of peerage, Maral.

3rd month of 3347 – Prince Talkran finalizes his plans, and gains the power to transform himself into a lich. He does not, however, let it be known he is now undead, and uses illusion spells to keep his human or living appearance.

5th month of 3347 – No longer afraid of any or all repercussions, Talkran murders his father once-Emperor Taj in cold blood, before vanishing the body. His laboratory and prison in the lower levels are ripped apart in efforts to find the Emperor's remains, but they cannot be found. Emperor Stanislas enraged in grief for his father and the possible desecration of the Prior Emperor’s corpse heads a military manhunt for his elder brother. 

6th month of 3347 – Talkran is at last apprehended, and according to Palace records, found guilty of murder, treason, and grave robbing. Emperor Stanislas would attempt, and fail to execute Talkran by the following methods: bathing him in acid, burning him at the stake, and finally dismembering him. The lich was known to crow with laughter during his death, and return from the dead-flesh rebound and laughing once again within weeks. It takes the threat of the Fallen Arch Angel, Taedras to banish the lich from Royale for good.

12th month of 3347 – The royal couple have their first child Daegal Royale, and with each Imperial first child it is the ‘Imperial Sacrifice.’ He is named shortly before the newborn’s spirit is returned to the Amaranthine River.  This is done by each Emperor in, “Royal subordination of the Heart in servitude to the Royalian People and the Lord of Darkness, Nanqa.”  A physical and painful display of the royal family’s loyalty, duty and honor to a people who would return said loyalty by offering their lives and undeaths in battle for the Empire.

3348 Emperor Stanislas makes the decision to have no concubines, which is abnormal for the reigning Emperor. He does this however to ascertain all of his children will be with his Empress and hopefully lessen the possibility of violent infighting between his children due to his own awful childhood with his half-brothers.

3351 – Robert Royale is born to Empress Consort Maral, as Heir Son to the Royale throne.

3353 Emperor Stanislas Royale heads a contingent of Black Guard in quelling rebellion among the Vivassians swiftly.

3355 Cermaka Royale, the Imperial couple’s only daughter and Princess of the First Rank is born.  Empress Maral was a distant mother figure, finding it difficult to show any emotion towards her children due to her inflexible attitude toward her royal position. This stifled maternal affections, and it was only her daughter that she genuinely enjoyed.

3357 Emperor Stanislas takes Imperial Black Guard forces into the south-eastern province of Hlukhiv to assist in pushing back Danu raiders from beyond the southern mountains that were pillaging Eolin towns. So impressed is he with the military excellence of the Black Guard that he requests that the Commander of the Black Guard personally instruct the heir when Robert is of age to live among them at the Citadel. 


3357-3368 The Age of Lilies:

7th month of 3359 – Princess Cermaka dies of Pneumonia at 4 years of age devastating her parents and prompting the Empress to publicly retire to her family’s estates in the province of DormuKai. She is only seen after this during the yearly Royal bloodletting ritual for good harvests. Robert is only 8 when he loses his beloved sister and he is hidden from the public by his father for his breakdown. He learns early that such shows of emotion are unseemly among royalty as he is now left alone with only his Father at the Castle.

10th month of 3359 The Dirian War begins for the Holy Camarian Empire with the northern desert lands. For the first time a treaty for peace is written between the two Empires who have off and on warred for three millennia. Emperor Stanislas is deep in personal grief and agrees to the twenty-five year terms headed by crowned Sovereign Joscelin I of Camara.

3360 – Stanislas refuses his Ministers once again on the matter of taking concubines and will not divorce his wife who he understands wishes to have no more children. The Emperor remains alone, not bothering his wife’s privacy. The Royalian common admires him for remaining faithful to his wife regardless. Unfortunately, the loss of his daughter and his wife’s withdrawal makes the Emperor that much colder, distant and strict to his heir and son Robert.

3361 Robert has been set to a strict regimen of lessons pertaining to the eventual taking of the Merit Exams since his sister’s death. This has been in effort to curb the child’s sullenness and fickle temper that has reared its head since Prince Cermaka’s death. ‘Where sadness is unacceptable there only remains fury as an emotional response to loss.’

3363 At twelve Robert has not inherited the Royale line’s necromantic powers and Stanislas relocates his heir to the Black Guard citadel where Robert will live among those who have returned as Undead to serve the Empire.  The Undead Black Guards will drill him on The Veziput Code, swordsmanship and military discipline alongside his Imperial history and Nanqaian theology.

Early 3368 – The Heir Apparent Robert Royale takes the Merit Exams during his 16th year and excels. His father Emperor Stanislas calls him back to the Imperial Palace at this time to begin to teach him how to run the Empire. The Prince has a reputation among the people as being a studious, dutiful, well composed royal who takes his responsibilities to the Empire as seriously as his Father does.

Mid 3368 Emperor Stanislas holds a formal ball at the Imperial Palace where the eldest unmarried daughter of each Minister in the main 6 provinces will be presented to the heir. He would dance with each one of them and spend time speaking to them that night before making his decision on which he will court.  Lady Lucina of the province of DormuKai, a fellow Barazon is chosen by Heir Prince Robert Royale.  A softer side of the royal is seen when he is with her, however per noble tradition they will not wed or be intimate until Robert ascends the throne. 

Late 3368 
– Emperor Stanislas imparts an important piece of wisdom to his son in regards to the Royalian throne, “To be an Emperor is to be an actor. Never show weakness or else someone stronger will try to take everything from you. They will deem you unfit to rule the Empire, and if you do make that mistake, use the Devotion to undo your indiscretion. The people will know no better…”

 (The Devotion or ‘The Kiss of God’ is a mental connection that has kept the people safe from Camarian magics that could have potentially brain washed them. It helped the people see through illusions, glamours, charms and other such tricks. It could also be used by Emperors for less than noble reasons. It could be used to make subjects forget any and all transgressions in the fixing of memories and could also be quite suggestive or manipulative of choices made.)


... my life is my message...

Jul. 14th, 2017 04:49 pm
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I've seen this pop up a few places and I thought it was interesting.

Let me explain what I'm talking about.

LJ/DW has this Interests section in the profile, and I think that's awesome but what I have seen here and there (not on DW or lj necessarily) is people post a jumble of pics of things they like and such.

Example: liking dogs, exercises, music,... they would have pics of each.

I have been thinking about doing that for myself. I have no clue if I'd only make a post about that or include it in my profiles or both but I like that idea.

Surely I'm not the only one that has seen that?

Group Chats

Jul. 14th, 2017 01:15 am
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Discord is cool, I like group chats I like socializing and interact with new people I might never have before, but wow oh wow do I miss one on one conversations, ones that are at least something to look forward to at least.

chatting whine )
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I was searching for something totally random online while killing time at work and I stumbled upon a gif of a movie I haven't seen in ages and that I really like.

Yep, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.

It is not the greatest movie of all time but what a lovely movie none the less.

I wonder where the actors are now and what they look like, too.
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Went to the thrift store yesterday after work with the craving to buy clothes.

I always check out the books section in hopes of finding good ones and the last one in the Mortal Instruments series.

Low and behold, after having searched for 5 months+, I found the last chapter in the series yesterday. In the right edition, too.

I had talked about wanting the entire series to be in the same edition exactly even though the story inside is all the same no matter what book edition it is. It completes the series better that way in my opinion.

Finally, my search is over!! Woohoo!! It was so hard to get my hands on that book for some reason. 2 different Value Villages, too.

Now I just need to pick book 4 back up to continue reading it.


What was your first kiss? ;) by [personal profile] penderies on lj.

OMG! That was a long time ago. Obviously. Hum... if memory serves me right, I got my first kiss pretty late. Like I was in my twenties. No kidding. I've been a late bloomer for a tons of things. I believe this was my first.

I was working at Sears, the parts and services department. With JP and a bunch of other people, of course. No, it wasn't JP though I developed a crush on him at the time. His name was M and he was close friends with JP and one day he asked me out. Not as blatant as that but we ended up going out a few times and we kissed.

I remember a specific day where we did a motorcycle ride. His. We ended up at a park in Longueuil, beautiful sunny day and the only thing really on our minds was what was happening in NY. Yep, the date was September 11th, 2001.

Okay, no we didn't kiss that day but it was when we had started going out with each other. I don't quite remember exactly when it was that we first kissed but I remember it was with him. I have to admit I was a bit confused and didn't know how to act around him. Especially because I had told him I had a crush on JP... you know... I did get to meet his mom and all and I remember being nervous. Oh, that's it. I think it was the day I met his mom that we kissed that first time. Hey, it was in 2001, give me a break okay?! *laughs*

My crush on JP never let on all the while working at Sears. My feelings never developed for M. M was actually crushed that I couldn't return his feelings but then he moved on and fell for another girl working there and they were a couple for many years... until she played him (don't have the whole story there but it's JP who told me since he and M talk still).

Anyway, yeah... that was it. Nothing too special about it. And I wasn't all that young or anything. I didn't have any butterflies in the stomach or anything. Nothing all that exciting come to think of it. Nothing to go to mommy or your friends and be excited about, really.

So, that's it for questions received. Please, feel free to ask me some. Anything, as many as you want :)
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Next Monday evening, I am going to see Queen + Adam Lambert in concerts.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!

Got to see them back in 2014 and the show was amazing then. I know it's gonna be just as awesome this time around. Back then, we didn't know they would still be touring 3 years later so it was a once in a lifetime kinda deal but this time, it's just a little treat to us fans of Queen and/or Adam Lambert.

I may not own and know all of Queen's songs but I don't really care; they are legends.

And Adam Lambert, well, you know... those who have been following me a long time know how obsessed I was with him. That obsession kinda died down a bit but I will never deny my love for the guy. I just wish he would do an actual rock album. Hell, he's got the voice for it. Proof with his non official album released and his touring with Queen and all. I mean, he's got the voice for everything basically but... you know... he's due for a rock album for himself. We need it!!

I cannot wait. I will be listening to them all week. And I managed to find the setlist for this tour so I created it in Spotify :) :p


What was your most recent dream? by [personal profile] ragnarok_08 on lj.

Since that question has been asked, I've had other dreams. The most recent being today (well, the night between yesterday and today/very early this morning). I dreamed of P. Kind of a weird dream, too. He had a new girlfriend (yes, because he actually broke up with the bitch* (or she broke up with him, whatever!!)) and we were friends... kinda sorta... and I don't really remember the details clearly from the dream but the new girl was blonde. And there was a question of them wanting a house and I happened to have a couple available (though I wasn't a realtor) and they were really interested in visiting one and buying it if they liked it enough. The weird part coming is that the houses were Sims 2 houses but they were made real somehow.

That's the summary of the dream but it's basically what I remember from it. I do remember that I woke up and fell back to sleep and that usually means that if I dream again, I don't stay on the same subject but, for some reason, I kept on dreaming the same thing as if I hadn't woken up...

I do get weird dreams sometimes *laughs*

* those that are new to my flist, I have talked about P many times and things that happened with his ex-bitchface. She's the reason we're no longer friends and I kinda doubt we'll be friends again even though we do "speak" on FB some times. When I told him I wanted to patch things up, he said I should find a new job and move apartment (as it was planned), let things settle and see... and I had no clue what that had to do with anything and he gave me a weird answer (like letting the dust settle down or whatever). I knew we'd never get back the friends status as long as he was with her... If it hadn't been from her jealous-ass face, we would still be friends today. No clue when they broke up but they did. Not that I care that they did, you know. I knew it wouldn't last actually and I have an inkling he stayed with her to prove something but my not being there anymore changed things... Maybe, or not. From everything he said in while he was seeing her, it was always so-so but suddenly it was mad love and major serious projects for the future and everything (4 months into the relationship... Anyway...

So that was one question out of the 2 I got. Next one will be answered with another post I will be doing. If you have any other questions you would like to ask me, please go ahead. I don't bite. Seriously ;)


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