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Almighty Hat ([personal profile] hat_plays_sims) wrote in [community profile] simwidth2012-07-14 11:03 am

Content dump for days

Fourteen posts, twelve of which count as content dumps. Click the cut for the rest of the links and title cards.

1. Hair Dump X Part One: The Franchise Reboot, Part Two: Hair Dump From the Black-And-Blue Lagoon, and Part Three: Nobody Expects the HAT Dump!

2. Sign of the Plumb Bob (Nichellerj's Plumb Bob Necklace with way too many recolors)

3. I Feel The Earth Move (selected Yuxi Oblivion, Druid Wow, and Kativip MS and LS floors as terrain paints)

4. The King Is In His Counting-House (Non-depreciating face-value coins on Worship4ever meshes)

5. Du Lac Cotehardies and Tunics (TF-EF recolors of Cynnix's Laced-Sleeve Gown and TM-EF recolors of Cynnix and Oph3lia's edits of Aligeth's Robin Hood Tunic)

6. Never Enough Thatch (Bon Voyage Thatched Roofs in select Project Mayhem and Any Color You Like actions)

7. Through A Glass Darkly (Medieval leaded recolors of Mustluvcats's Privacy Film)

8. Hangerock (twelve very simple Viking apron dresses on a Trapping mesh)

9. Invoking the Spirit (Bonehilda-as-Spectral-Assistant defaults (with [personal profile] faechangeling), Bonehilda outfits, and K8's Fairy Witch gown EA'd)

10. Le Chausseur, la Deuxième Partie (Chausses and braises for Aquilegia's Androgyny, Aquilegia's Improved Fatmorph, FantasyRogue's bottom-only chausses, and Cynnix's age conversions of FR's bottom-only chausses.)

11. Bonne Nuit (A dozen chemises with ZoeJ textures)

12. The Modest Lady (Sherahbim's Lady gown simplified a bit)

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